Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

Princess Nikki and her friend wanted to send a strong message to their neighbor that they would not tolerate his noises. They worked for long hours and when they went back home, they wanted to unwind and relax. But that was becoming increasingly difficult since he moved in. He had ignored calls to do it and they had to do something else. They pissed on him and forced him to drink. He learned his lesson.

This mistress did not like how this guy spoke to the elderly couple that lived in her block. He was rude and did not know how to address his seniors. She was pissed and wondered how he had been brought up. To make sure he never did it again and that he apologized to the couple, she pissed on him with the help of her friend and forced him to drink pee. He was humiliated but he learned his lesson and he went and apologized.

Mistress Jane and her friend wanted a threesome. This guy promised to deliver on every level but he did not. They were pissed he had a small dick and they did not even bother having sex with him because they knew they were in for some massive disappointment. They forced the slave to drink their pee. Since he would not be able to satisfy them, they wanted to have fun at his expense.

Mistress Alexa is a very popular girl in school and many girls want to be in her group and in her company. She wanted to find out how naughty these girls were since she preferred to be with daring girls. She asked them to pee in class and they did. It was fun for all of them as they ran out shortly thereafter and pretended to know nothing of the sort.

Mistress Gaia and her friend caught this guy breaking into a neighbor's home. He was away and this guy took that chance to steal from him. They caught him before he did it and they dragged his ass to their house where they tortured him. He was forced to drink pee and other forms of humiliation. He did everything they wanted and then some but they did not let him go. They kept him for a few more days to humiliate him.

Peeing on losers is what these mistresses love to do all the time. They would rather spend the entire night doing it than go out to club. Therefore, when this guy messed with their friend, they all came to him. They tortured him and taught him a lesson he will never forget. They forced him to drink all their pee and they facesat on him to choke him and make him gasp for air.

Lady Johanna came home and found her slave going through her things. She had come home unexpectedly and caught him in the act. She now knew why it was difficult finding where she had placed some of her things and why she kept losing things all the time. As punishment she turned the slave into her human toilet and pissed on him. She made sure he drank the pee and swallowed it.

Mistress Rosella and mistress Barbara have a pee fetish and they like to use it to humiliate and degrade slaves. The only positive thing about the guys they humiliate is the fact that they do not do it to someone who does not deserve it. They had to punish this slave for laziness so they pissed on him and forced him to drink the pee including licking the one which fell on the floor.

This mistress was pissed by her slave. He liked to drink her expensive wine and he did not even have the courtesy to ask her. He just took it. She taught him a lesson today by forcing him to drink her pee. She made him drink lots of it and he begged her to forgive him saying he would not do it again. But it was too late. He had to pay for his mistakes.

Princess Nikki did not like her slave's attitude. As she prepared to punish him, her friend came and she asked her to join her in punishing the slave. They made it a lot of fun and pissed on him. He had to drink all that urine and swallow it. The mistresses even spat into his mouth and he was also forced to swallow the spit. It was disgusting but he had no choice.

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