Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

Mistress Jardena did not like how her husband drank a lot of alcohol. He did not listen to her when she told him to reduce his intake of alcohol. And for that, she had to humiliate him. She took a video of how she made him drink her urine and then made him watch it in the morning when he was sober. He was ashamed and that led him to do his best to stop.

This guy was a notorious con and mistress Sarah wanted to put an end to what he did. So she used her strapon to fuck him in the ass. She did it cruelly knowing that he was straight and that he had never been ass fucked. The mistress also did it without lube so that it would be as painful as possible. That way, he would learn his lesson and he did.

Lady Scarlet wanted her slave to taste her urine because she wanted to scare him and so she made him lie down and she undressed and had him drink it. She peed on him instead of making him drink her pee from a bowl or cup. She also wanted to turn him on as he looked at her pussy so he was super confused and conflicted as on one hand, her pussy was on his face but then she was peeing on him.

Princess Nikki and her friend mistress Nomi wanted to dominate this guy because he had promised them high-quality photos but he had ended up giving them poor quality ones. The mistresses knew that the guy deserved to be punished and humiliated as what he did amounted to being a con as his product did not match what he advertised and the money he charged. So they made him drink their urine and he was not paid.

Goddess Andova knew that without tying this slave, she would have a problem when it came to having him drink her urine. So the mistress did what she does best which is to tie him up so that he would not resist whatever she wanted to do to him. And then she peed into his mouth through a funnel so that she would not waste a lot of her pee.

Mistress Rosella and mistress Bea wanted to enjoy something new and after an extensive search, they settled for pissing on each other. The naughty mistresses went to the bathroom where they had a good time peeing on each other and it was a lot of fun for them. The mistresses took turns peeing at each other and it felt naughty for them and within a short time, they were making love.

This girl was insensitive and mistress Jardena was embarrassed by what she did and what she said. She did not want her to continue doing things like that and that is why she chose to pee on her to make her learn to be moderate as well as sensitive to the plight of other people. The mistress degraded the girl and she was sure the girl had learned her lesson.

Mistress Gaia wanted her pee drank by this loser. She had him caged first while he was naked because she wanted him to feel cold and also to be cramped in the small cage. That would make him do what she asked. She then brought him pee in a bowl and he had to drink it in a straw. Besides that, the mistress also made the guy wear a thong.

Lady Scarlet despised this loser. She knew the loser had a thing for her and he did not know how much she despised him. She had wanted to humiliate and to dominate him and she realized that the fact that he had a thing for her was good as she could use it to dominate him. So the mistress teased him and controlled him before she made him drink her urine.

Mistress Barbie had hired this plumber to do some work in her house and she gave him instructions on how she wanted everything handled. But she did not like what she saw from him. He did not follow her instructions and he ended up doing what she did not want. That angered her and he had to redo the work. When he tried to object, she made him drink her piss.

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