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Mistress Wael had an issue with her boyfriend. She felt that he was ignoring her and that he was taking her for granted. That did not sit well with her and she had to teach him a lesson that he would not forget soon. So she facesat on him and she also peed on him. He had to drink some and some of it splashed all over his face. He never took her for granted again.

This mistress has a big clit. And she knew that if she rubbed it on this guy's face, she would cum. So she had this guy lick her clit and she also rubbed it against his face. But at the same time, she also peed on him for fun and to humiliate him. He was not allowed to deviate from what he was doing to her clit until she came.

Mistress Mystique is a generous girl but this guy abused it and she was not going to let it slide. She had to punish him and she did it cruelly by turning him into a human toilet. He was shocked by what she did to him and that is how he changed. In addition to peeing on him, she spat into his mouth and she even made him lick her pussy and asshole.

This mistress had a neighbor who was a pain in the ass and she had to find a way to take care of him for good. She had to make sure he did not mess with her again and so she used her pee to punish him. He was shocked at what she chose to do to him but it worked as he did not want to experience it again and so he changed.

This mistress felt that this old guy had never been dominated or humiliated in his life and it was important for her to do that to him. He was used to messing up and not seeing that it was a big deal so the mistress chose to turn the guy into a human toilet and she peed on him. She did it for both her own fun and also to punish him.

This mistress and her boyfriend were going through a rough patch and she wanted to dominate or humiliate him as cruelly as she could and she did it with her pee as she did not find it easy to talk to him. He was shocked at what she did to him but that is what led him to realize how hurt she must have been to want to do that to him.

Mistress Nica does not like people who are slow and that is why she had to punish this one. She was pissed at him and she made sure that he would never do any of that nonsense again. So the mistress peed on him and when she was done, she went to her hot tub and she enjoyed herself as he watched and rubbed her feet. He never wanted that again so he changed.

This mistress learned about pee fetish and she knew she wanted to try it. She did not hesitate to do it. She went to the bathroom and she tried it and she would drink a lot of water so that she would feel like peeing and then go to pee. When she felt confident of her skills, she looked for a loser to try what she had taught herself on him.

This girl was insensitive and mistress Jardena was embarrassed by what she did and what she said. She did not want her to continue doing things like that and that is why she chose to pee on her to make her learn to be moderate as well as sensitive to the plight of other people. The mistress degraded the girl and she was sure the girl had learned her lesson.

Mistress Barbie had hired this plumber to do some work in her house and she gave him instructions on how she wanted everything handled. But she did not like what she saw from him. He did not follow her instructions and he ended up doing what she did not want. That angered her and he had to redo the work. When he tried to object, she made him drink her piss.

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