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Mistress Rosella wanted to turn off this guy who was trying to seduce her. But instead of putting him off, he turned her on when he drank her urine and was enjoying it. She is naughty at heart and what he did was naughty and it made her horny. That is how she ended up sucking his dick because of how turned on she was and he also licked her pussy until she came.

Mistress Rosella and mistress Bea wanted to enjoy something new and after an extensive search, they settled for pissing on each other. The naughty mistresses went to the bathroom where they had a good time peeing on each other and it was a lot of fun for them. The mistresses took turns peeing at each other and it felt naughty for them and within a short time, they were making love.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Priscilla wanted to try something new with their pee fetish. Since they could not try it on themselves, the mistresses chose to try it on this loser. He was paid to be used because he was broke and he needed the money. It was also so that they would not feel guilty since he had not done anything to deserve the punishment they inflicted on him.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Priscilla had never tried pee fetish before. So the mistresses paid this loser and they got him to drink their pee. He was broke and he wanted the money so desperately that he was willing to do anything to make some money. He agreed to what they told her so that he could make some cash. He had to endure being pissed on by the mistresses and being forced to drink the urine.

Mistress Rosella loves to degrade and to torture. She had bragged to her friend about it and she wanted to get a piece of the action. So she invited her friend when she was torturing this guy today. She took a piss on his face and into his mouth and she asked her slave to wear a strapon and use it to fuck the slave in the mouth and in the ass.

Mistress Rosella and mistress Mara do not like bullies. This guy was one and he had to learn to stop bullying other people. He had been warned but he did not take the warnings seriously. So the mistresses ganged up on him and they forced him to stop by peeing on him and making him drink the pee as well as pleasure them by licking their pussies till they reached orgasm.

Mistress Sarah wanted to show Rosella who she was messing with. She pushed her down and she stripped her naked. Then she got on top of her and she pissed on him. She forced her to drink her pee and she also pissed all over her body and she asked her to smear it all over her head. Mistress Rosella had no choice but to do as she was told.

Mistress Rosella and her friend found themselves as the only girls in a party of only men. They decided to make it lively so they did it. They made out and undressed. They had girl on girl fun while the guys watched with hard ons. The mistresses involved the guys by making them drink their pee and also to lick their pussies. It was a party to remember because of the naughty mistresses.

Mistress Svenja and her lesbian lover mistress Rosella like to do crazy things. That is why they are still tight years down the line. Their relationship is adventurous and there is hardly a dull moment. Today they wanted to try pee fetish so they got together and started by fooling around. When they were ready, they pissed on each other and drank each other's pee. They also licked each other's pussies.

Mistress Rosella and her friend wanted this guy to move out of their apartment block. He was a loser and he did not get along with other people. He was a pain in the ass and was a stumbling block to everything. To get rid of him, they decided to humiliate him. They used their pee fetish to do it. They enjoyed turning him into a human toilet and he moved out.

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