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This guy was a loser but he did not know that he was one. He was adamant and tried to look and appear strong to lady Tassia. She did not want to deal with such a person and that is why she opted to pee on him. He was shocked when the mistress undressed and she facesat him in addition to peeing on him. He had to drink it all before she was done with him.

Mistress Wael had a classmate in college who was used to snitching on her and her classmates. She did not like that behavior and she had to have him learn hi lesson. So she went out of her way to pee on him after she had lured him for punishment. That is how he learned never to snitch again as it would land him in a lot of trouble with her.

This guy was a notorious con and mistress Sarah wanted to put an end to what he did. So she used her strapon to fuck him in the ass. She did it cruelly knowing that he was straight and that he had never been ass fucked. The mistress also did it without lube so that it would be as painful as possible. That way, he would learn his lesson and he did.

This mistress has a thing for pee and she had fun with her pee fetish today. She loves to pee on new guys because she does not want to pee on a guy many times and have him get used to it. The mistress wants her pee fetish to have impact and that is why she is always on the lookout for new guys to humiliate and have fun with.

This mistress and her lesbian lover wanted to try kinky fun. They settled on pee fetish and they had fun peeing on each other. They enjoyed doing it and had a wonderful time with it. The mistresses had fun with their pee and it was so naughty doing it that they were both turned on and had amazing sex. That is how they came to have a fetish for pee.

This mistress wanted to try something she had never done before. She had always had naughty thoughts but she had never acted on them. Today she wanted to try piss and shit fetishes. She got this loser and she tortured him after pretending that he had offended her. She took a piss on his face and she took a shit on him and she smeared his body with her shit.

Mistress Rosella and her friend found themselves as the only girls in a party of only men. They decided to make it lively so they did it. They made out and undressed. They had girl on girl fun while the guys watched with hard ons. The mistresses involved the guys by making them drink their pee and also to lick their pussies. It was a party to remember because of the naughty mistresses.

Despite this guy being hospitalized, he was still a jerk and he had pissed off the nurses so badly that they did plotted how to punish him. The mistresses turned on the slave and they forced him to drink their pee. The mistresses did not care about him so they ensured he learned his lesson the hard way eve if he was hospitalized. He never pissed them off again since then.

These mistresses had watched a pee fetish video and they thought it was cute to try. They looked for a loser who was gullible enough to fall for their tricks. They made him drink their pee and when he hesitated, they forced him to do it. They felt great as they did it and did not mind his welfare as they did so. All that mattered was their fun not his.

Princess Nikki and her friend wanted to send a strong message to their neighbor that they would not tolerate his noises. They worked for long hours and when they went back home, they wanted to unwind and relax. But that was becoming increasingly difficult since he moved in. He had ignored calls to do it and they had to do something else. They pissed on him and forced him to drink. He learned his lesson.

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