Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

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This slave annoyed mistress Zephy and she had to find a way to deal with him. The mistress used her pee fetish to turn the slave into a piss slave. He was shocked as she had never done anything like that to her but from the way she acted, he knew that it was a must for him to do what she asked. So she spread her feet and he drank her pee. But he naughtily also licked her pussy and she did not complain.

This mistress has a thing for pee and she had fun with her pee fetish today. She loves to pee on new guys because she does not want to pee on a guy many times and have him get used to it. The mistress wants her pee fetish to have impact and that is why she is always on the lookout for new guys to humiliate and have fun with.

It did not matter that this mistress was home alone and she wanted to try pee fetish. She went to the bathroom and she had fun peeing on herself and enjoying doing all kinds of things with her urine. She had a great time and she even forgot that she needed to call her friend. The mistress drank more water so that she could have more pee to play with.

This mistress and her lesbian lover wanted to try kinky fun. They settled on pee fetish and they had fun peeing on each other. They enjoyed doing it and had a wonderful time with it. The mistresses had fun with their pee and it was so naughty doing it that they were both turned on and had amazing sex. That is how they came to have a fetish for pee.

Princess Nikki and her friend Afina were into pee fetish and they wanted to pee on this loser. They had shaved their pussies in readiness for the exercise. They forced him to lie down and they pissed on him without caring how he felt. They had him drink the pee and lick the pee that fell on the floor. He tried to beg them to have mercy on him but they paid no attention to him.

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