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Forced to drink Piss

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Princess Nikki was shocked to learn that her accountant had been cooking figures yet she had not asked him to do any of that. So she used her piss fetish to dominate and humiliate him. He was shocked at the turn of events because they had benefitted the mistress. She did not care about that and told him she did not want a repeat. She peed on him to express her outrage.

Princess Nikki and her friend mistress Nomi wanted to dominate this guy because he had promised them high-quality photos but he had ended up giving them poor quality ones. The mistresses knew that the guy deserved to be punished and humiliated as what he did amounted to being a con as his product did not match what he advertised and the money he charged. So they made him drink their urine and he was not paid.

Princess Nikki is a hot mistress. She is also a naughty mistress and she loves to do things that other mistresses cannot even think about leave alone do. She forced this loser to drink her pee. She pissed into his open mouth and when she was done, she also forced him to lick the pee that fell on the floor. The poor guy had no choice but to do as she told him.

Princess Nikki and her friends are naughty and they like to do their crazy stuff during girls only parties. Today they wanted to try pee fetish. They paid a few losers to drink their pee although they did not let them know that that was what they wanted to do to them. They surprised them when they met. The mistresses took turns to make them lick their pussies and drink their pee.

Princess Nikki likes to try many things and today she wanted to try piss fetish. She enjoyed doing it and even invited her friend mistress Afina. The two mistresses had fun making this loser drink their pee. They told him if he did not cooperate with them, they would do worse things to him. The guy was afraid of what they would do to him and he cooperated with them.

Princess Nikki and her friend Afina were into pee fetish and they wanted to pee on this loser. They had shaved their pussies in readiness for the exercise. They forced him to lie down and they pissed on him without caring how he felt. They had him drink the pee and lick the pee that fell on the floor. He tried to beg them to have mercy on him but they paid no attention to him.

Princess Nikki and her friend wanted to send a strong message to their neighbor that they would not tolerate his noises. They worked for long hours and when they went back home, they wanted to unwind and relax. But that was becoming increasingly difficult since he moved in. He had ignored calls to do it and they had to do something else. They pissed on him and forced him to drink. He learned his lesson.

Princess Nikki did not like her slave's attitude. As she prepared to punish him, her friend came and she asked her to join her in punishing the slave. They made it a lot of fun and pissed on him. He had to drink all that urine and swallow it. The mistresses even spat into his mouth and he was also forced to swallow the spit. It was disgusting but he had no choice.

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