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Mistress Jardena did not like how this driver behaved and she had to punish him because she felt that he would do it again if she did not do something about it. The mistress cruelly forced this loser to undress and she took him to the bathroom where she peed on him and had him drink the urine. He never messed with her again after turning him into a pee slave.

Lady Shay did not like how freaky this guy was and she was not comfortable continuing to have fun with him. She wanted him to realize that he was grossing her out and so the mistress peed on him. He was shocked at why she was doing it but at first he thought that she was trying a new fetish with her but that was not the case as he came to find out.

This mistress had a slave and she enjoyed doing some naughty things to him. She is an adventurous person and she loves to try out kinky things and she does not have to worry about who to try them on as that is what her slave is there to do. Her friends wanted the same and she showed them how to do things that way. And they all had a great time and went to look for their own slaves.

Mistress Zephy did not want an ignorant slave but she found herself with one and she was pissed at that fact and she had to make sure there were changes. She forced him to do things her way and that is how she was able to degrade this loser and make him educate himself. He was turned into a human toilet and drank pee a few times until he changed.

Mistress Julia's drunk boyfriend was thirsty and he wanted water. She was pissed at him for coming home drunk and she had to make sure he did not do that again. So she peed into his mouth and told him that that was the only water he would get until he sobered up. He was humiliated even though he was drunk and when he sobered up, she humiliated him further to reinforce the point.

Mistress Jardena wanted to test her slave so she used her pee to do it. She wanted to find out how obedient her slave was and she felt that the best way to find that out was to make him do something crazy and see whether he would agree to do it or not. So she asked him to drink her pee and he was shocked but he did it.

This mistress had an argument with this loser and he thought that it had ended. He was shocked when she stormed his room and she was naked. He was distracted by how hot she was and that gave her the room to do what she wanted to him which was to make him drink her urine. He was startled by it all but all he could do was to plead for mercy.

Princess Nikki and her friend mistress Nomi wanted to dominate this guy because he had promised them high-quality photos but he had ended up giving them poor quality ones. The mistresses knew that the guy deserved to be punished and humiliated as what he did amounted to being a con as his product did not match what he advertised and the money he charged. So they made him drink their urine and he was not paid.

Mistress Nica wanted to show this guy that she was not the sort of person to mess with and then hope to get the chance to do it again. He had pissed her off and she had let it go. But he tried to do it again and this time she did not lt him. She chained him and she peed on him to send a cruel warning to him.

This mistress had gone swimming and she was having a great time. While she was swimming, she felt like peeing but she held on because she did not want to pee in the water and she did not want to get out to pee. This loser hurt himself while swimming and she helped him get out. When she got him to a safe place, she pissed on him as she could not hold on any longer.

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