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Lady Scarlet needed to dominate this guy and she did it with her pee. The guy was an admirer of hers and he wanted her. But he was a loser and he was not her type. So instead of turning it into a relationship or a date, the mistress turned the guy into a pee slave and she had him drink her urine. At least he saw her pussy and her ass.

Mistress Van Licks and her two friends had tried to warn this slave not to continue with his behavior but he did not listen to them. He had forfeited his right to being treated well by the mistresses and he now had to face the consequences of his actions. That is how the mistresses chose to punish him with their boots. He was trampled, ballbusted, peed on and forced to endure humiliation and pain.

Lady Tassia wanted to humiliate this guy because she was pissed at him. She felt that he had wasted her time by not satisfying her. She was so angry at him that she felt that the best thing to do to him was to teach him a lesson she was sure he would not forget. That is why the mistress facesat him, trampled him and also used an improvised funnel to pee on him.

This mistress did not like to talk much. She had tried in her own little way but the guy did not do as she wanted and that is why she chose to punish him using her pee. The mistress turned the guy into a piss slave and she had him drink all of her urine for a day. He was degraded and humiliated but he got the message and never did it again.

This loser had pissed off mistress Kira and she felt that the best thing to do to this loser was to use her pee to punish him. She did not care what he felt as she chose to punish him. Not even his cries of pain were enough to make her forgive him or stop dominating him. When she was done with him, she had him lick her ass too.

Mistress Lola does not like ignorant people and when she noticed that this guy who seemed to have a crush on her was ignorant, she knew it was time to dominate and humiliate him. And she did so using her pee. She tortured and dominated him with her to the point that he cried and he promised her that he would never be ignorant again. He kept his word as he did not want to mess up.

Princess Brooke wanted to show her boyfriend that she was not the type of girlfriend to be cheated on and keep quiet. The mistress facesat on him and she tied him up then she wore boxing gloves and she punched him repeatedly in the face. She also punched his nuts and his dick before she made him drink her urine using a funnel. He never cheated on her again after that.

This guy was a notorious con and mistress Sarah wanted to put an end to what he did. So she used her strapon to fuck him in the ass. She did it cruelly knowing that he was straight and that he had never been ass fucked. The mistress also did it without lube so that it would be as painful as possible. That way, he would learn his lesson and he did.

Goddess Andova is the sort of person who loves tradition. And when she found out that her boyfriend had forgotten her birthday, she felt that he was breaking with tradition and she was not going to sit by and watch that happen. So she used her pee to remind him that he had no choice but to do things the way she wanted them to be done. He never forgot her birthday again.

Mistress Luna took her slave to the bathroom for punishment. She had caught him masturbating and she chose to show him her kinky side now that he was into jerking off. She told him to drink her pee and masturbate at the same time. He did it and even though he was humiliated, he chose to focus on the bright side that he had gotten near her pussy and drank her pee.

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