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Forced to drink Piss

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Mistress Gaia did not like how this guy misinterpreted things and she had to teach him a lesson. It was to be a lesson he had never learned before in his life and she made sure that he learned it. He was forced to drink her pee and finish it. He was told that if he did not, he would be ball crushed and he did not want that to happen.

Mistress Gaia loves pee punishments because they are not as gross as poo punishments. She also loves them because they can be naughty when needed to be and she also loves them because they get the job done. When one is peed on as punishment, he or she is usually shocked to the core especially if it was the first time for them to experience that and it makes them change.

Mistress Gaia knew that this piss slave was used to being dominated by her but he did not know that she had planned to give him a piece of her mind by dominating him with the help of her friend. The two of them had to dominate as well as humiliate him and they did not care how he felt about what they did to him. He drank pee, was made to lick it from the floor and he was trampled too.

Mistress Gaia wanted her pee drank by this loser. She had him caged first while he was naked because she wanted him to feel cold and also to be cramped in the small cage. That would make him do what she asked. She then brought him pee in a bowl and he had to drink it in a straw. Besides that, the mistress also made the guy wear a thong.

Mistress Gaia is a cruel and sadistic person. She loves to torture guys for fun. She does not need someone to piss her off for her to do something to him or her. She just needs to want to do it and she will do it. That is what happened today. She felt like having someone drink her pee and swallow her saliva and she made this loser who she did not even know, do it.

Mistress Gaia had told this bitch to do certain things but she refused. Pissed, mistress Gaia made sure that she taught her a lesson she would never forget as long as she lived. She pissed into a bowl and she had her lick it like a dog. She also had her tied with her hands behind her back to both inflict pain and to render her helpless. She also dipped her toes in the pee and had the bitch such her toes.

Mistress Gaia did not want her slave to get used to pain. So she changed tact a bit and degraded him instead of using pain to punish him. She forced him to drink her pee and lick her pussy as punishment. She roped in her friend who also pissed on him and spat into his mouth. The slave was even made to drink pee that fell on a tray he was lying on.

Mistress Gaia and her friend caught this guy breaking into a neighbor's home. He was away and this guy took that chance to steal from him. They caught him before he did it and they dragged his ass to their house where they tortured him. He was forced to drink pee and other forms of humiliation. He did everything they wanted and then some but they did not let him go. They kept him for a few more days to humiliate him.

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