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This mistress has a thing for pee and she had fun with her pee fetish today. She loves to pee on new guys because she does not want to pee on a guy many times and have him get used to it. The mistress wants her pee fetish to have impact and that is why she is always on the lookout for new guys to humiliate and have fun with.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Priscilla wanted to try something new with their pee fetish. Since they could not try it on themselves, the mistresses chose to try it on this loser. He was paid to be used because he was broke and he needed the money. It was also so that they would not feel guilty since he had not done anything to deserve the punishment they inflicted on him.

Mistress Andreea peed on this guy to teach her never to disobey her. He had disobeyed her to test what she could do in that event and he regretted why he had done it. He had never been made to drink pee but today he was doing it because he wanted to test waters. He now knew better and he never messed with his mistress because he did not want to be degraded.

Mistress Gaia did not want her slave to get used to pain. So she changed tact a bit and degraded him instead of using pain to punish him. She forced him to drink her pee and lick her pussy as punishment. She roped in her friend who also pissed on him and spat into his mouth. The slave was even made to drink pee that fell on a tray he was lying on.

Mistress Laura wanted to have fun with her slave but she did not know how to go about it. She did not want him to change his view of their relationship. She abandoned that idea and humiliated him instead. She pissed into a jar and she made him drink her pee. She liked how naughty it all felt and she made him do it again and again till she got bored.

Mistress Venus has a big ass and big tits. She is as naughty and kinky as the best of them and she uses that to have fun. She is so kinky that her blog has lots of paying subscribers and they love her videos. Today she wanted to upload a new video to them and the suggestion of what to do to the slave came from one of the subscribers. She pissed into a bowl and made him masturbate. She mixed the contents and had him drink them.

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