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Mistress Dula had beef with her ex and she had to find away of dealing with him and sorting out the beef they had. She had tried to do it amicably but he did not give her the chance to do it. Now she had to find an alternative and she did so using her piss slave. The mistress cruelly had the guy drink her pee and that is when he realized he had to sort things out with her.

Mistress Wael could not believe that she had been ignored by her slave. She felt that he was insubordinate and that if she did not do something about it, she would have a hard time with him. So she took him to the bathroom and she peed on him. He had to drink it all and she warned him never to ignore her instructions again as she was capable of worse.

This mistress did not like to talk much. She had tried in her own little way but the guy did not do as she wanted and that is why she chose to punish him using her pee. The mistress turned the guy into a piss slave and she had him drink all of her urine for a day. He was degraded and humiliated but he got the message and never did it again.

Mistress Lola does not like ignorant people and when she noticed that this guy who seemed to have a crush on her was ignorant, she knew it was time to dominate and humiliate him. And she did so using her pee. She tortured and dominated him with her to the point that he cried and he promised her that he would never be ignorant again. He kept his word as he did not want to mess up.

This mistress has a big clit. And she knew that if she rubbed it on this guy's face, she would cum. So she had this guy lick her clit and she also rubbed it against his face. But at the same time, she also peed on him for fun and to humiliate him. He was not allowed to deviate from what he was doing to her clit until she came.

This mistress was out to degrade this guy in a way he had never been before. The mistress did not care what the guy felt as she had the entire degradation planned out way in advance. So she cruelly peed on the guy and when she was done doing it, she rubbed her clit on his face and she did the same thing with her pussy. All he could do was comply.

Lady Shay did not like how freaky this guy was and she was not comfortable continuing to have fun with him. She wanted him to realize that he was grossing her out and so the mistress peed on him. He was shocked at why she was doing it but at first he thought that she was trying a new fetish with her but that was not the case as he came to find out.

Mistress Gaia loves pee punishments because they are not as gross as poo punishments. She also loves them because they can be naughty when needed to be and she also loves them because they get the job done. When one is peed on as punishment, he or she is usually shocked to the core especially if it was the first time for them to experience that and it makes them change.

Mistress Wael had a perverted neighbor and she did not want to have anything to do with him. She told him that to his face but he did not stop his perverted tendencies. He made her uncomfortable and she knew it was time for her to find a cruel and crazy way to deal with him. So she did it by forcing him to drink her urine and he was shocked and scared of her.

Mistress Luisa is a crazy girl but not everyone gets to see it. She was so pissed at this guy that she wanted to show him her crazy. He had to understand that she was not going to sit back and watch as he did some silly things at her expense. So she scared him by showing her crazy. She did this by peeing on the guy and making him fear her.

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