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Princess Brooke wanted to show her boyfriend that she was not the type of girlfriend to be cheated on and keep quiet. The mistress facesat on him and she tied him up then she wore boxing gloves and she punched him repeatedly in the face. She also punched his nuts and his dick before she made him drink her urine using a funnel. He never cheated on her again after that.

This mistress had an argument with this loser and he thought that it had ended. He was shocked when she stormed his room and she was naked. He was distracted by how hot she was and that gave her the room to do what she wanted to him which was to make him drink her urine. He was startled by it all but all he could do was to plead for mercy.

This mistress is kinky and she only messes with kinky guys. This guy had a good vibe about him and she told him as much. But she told him he would never see her pussy as he was not kinky. He rushed to defend himself and told him he was kinky. She had to find out if he was so she pissed on him and asked him to drink the urine. He had never done so before but he drank it to prove he was capable of being kinky.

This mistress has lived a sheltered life. She does not have many friends and she has to entertain herself most of the time. Today she chose to try something different. She wanted to try pee fetish. She had to enjoy the pee fetish on her own as she did not have anyone to pee on. But she created a blog and she shared it with lovers of pee fetish and she was shocked to find many people loving it.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Priscilla wanted to try something new with their pee fetish. Since they could not try it on themselves, the mistresses chose to try it on this loser. He was paid to be used because he was broke and he needed the money. It was also so that they would not feel guilty since he had not done anything to deserve the punishment they inflicted on him.

Mistress Afina and her friend were tired of this bully. They wanted their neighborhood to be as fun and peaceful as it used to be before he came. They decided to do a favor to the other residents by taking care of the problem. They cornered the bully and they turned him into a human toilet. They forced him to drink all of their pee and they even took photos. He stopped bullying.

Mistress Rosella and her friend wanted this guy to move out of their apartment block. He was a loser and he did not get along with other people. He was a pain in the ass and was a stumbling block to everything. To get rid of him, they decided to humiliate him. They used their pee fetish to do it. They enjoyed turning him into a human toilet and he moved out.

Mistress Tina and her friend mistress Nikki could not believe that this slave had not done what they had agreed on. They taught him a cruel lesson by making him drink their pee. The mistresses forced him to open his mouth and he became their toilet. He had to drink all of their pee before they could think of forgiving him or else the punishment would continue and be even worse.

Peeing on losers is what these mistresses love to do all the time. They would rather spend the entire night doing it than go out to club. Therefore, when this guy messed with their friend, they all came to him. They tortured him and taught him a lesson he will never forget. They forced him to drink all their pee and they facesat on him to choke him and make him gasp for air.

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