Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

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Mistress Dula had beef with her ex and she had to find away of dealing with him and sorting out the beef they had. She had tried to do it amicably but he did not give her the chance to do it. Now she had to find an alternative and she did so using her piss slave. The mistress cruelly had the guy drink her pee and that is when he realized he had to sort things out with her.

Lady Larissa could not believe that her slave had forgotten everything she had told him. She was pissed at her forgetful slave and she wanted to give him an incentive to remember things. He had to do something about his forgetfulness and she used her pee to do it. She turned the slave into her human toilet and had him drink her piss. He was degraded and humiliated but it helped her try as much as he could to remember things in order to avoid being humiliated.

Peeing on losers is what these mistresses love to do all the time. They would rather spend the entire night doing it than go out to club. Therefore, when this guy messed with their friend, they all came to him. They tortured him and taught him a lesson he will never forget. They forced him to drink all their pee and they facesat on him to choke him and make him gasp for air.

Princess Nikki did not like her slave's attitude. As she prepared to punish him, her friend came and she asked her to join her in punishing the slave. They made it a lot of fun and pissed on him. He had to drink all that urine and swallow it. The mistresses even spat into his mouth and he was also forced to swallow the spit. It was disgusting but he had no choice.

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