Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

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This mistress knew that this guy had a fetish for her ass and she took advantage of it to dominate him and try pee fetish on him. The mistress tied him up so that he would not resist whatever she was doing to him. Then she went ahead to facesit him and then pee into his mouth. She used a funnel to make it easier and even spat into the funnel too.

Mistress Lola did not want anything to do with her ex. That is why she chose to use her pee to punish him in an effort to send a stern warning to him that she was not interested in him and she did not want to get back together with him. He had been hinting that and trying to hang with her. So she used a funnel to make him drink pee after she had caged him for a few hours while naked.

Mistress Lola does not like ignorant people and when she noticed that this guy who seemed to have a crush on her was ignorant, she knew it was time to dominate and humiliate him. And she did so using her pee. She tortured and dominated him with her to the point that he cried and he promised her that he would never be ignorant again. He kept his word as he did not want to mess up.

This mistress had some crucial info that she wanted to pass on but this guy was refusing to do things the way she wanted and so she used her pee to make him do things her way. The mistress cruelly peed on the guy and that is when he learned that she was not messing around and that he had to do things the way she wanted them to be done.

This guy was not doing his work well and the mistress had noticed some laxity on his part and she did not want to condone it. So she used her pee fetish to turn him into a pee slave. He did not have anything to say and he had to endure what she did to him. And that is how he found himself drinking her pee and smelling her farts.

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