Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

Mistress Chloe wanted a guy who had good pee drinking skills. She has a gorgeous ass and tits and she is good in bed. She has a tight pussy, a tight asshole and she is curvy to boot. In addition, she is adventurous. She has a lot to offer and all she wanted in return is to get a guy who knew how to eat her pussy and drink her pee.

This mistress had a slave and she enjoyed doing some naughty things to him. She is an adventurous person and she loves to try out kinky things and she does not have to worry about who to try them on as that is what her slave is there to do. Her friends wanted the same and she showed them how to do things that way. And they all had a great time and went to look for their own slaves.

This mistress had some crucial info that she wanted to pass on but this guy was refusing to do things the way she wanted and so she used her pee to make him do things her way. The mistress cruelly peed on the guy and that is when he learned that she was not messing around and that he had to do things the way she wanted them to be done.

This mistress did not like how this guy acted and she wanted to make sure that he changed and that he learned to do things her way. But try as she might, he did not change. So she had no more need for him and she had to send him away. But before she did, she had to humiliate him one more time. So she used her pee to dominate him before she chased him away.

This guy thought he was going to fuck one mistress but the two girls he was hitting on showed up and he was thrown off balance. He tried to convince them that it was not what it looked like but they did not want to hear anything he said. He was forced to drink their pee before they chased him away and he did not get to fuck any of them.

Mistress Zephy did not want an ignorant slave but she found herself with one and she was pissed at that fact and she had to make sure there were changes. She forced him to do things her way and that is how she was able to degrade this loser and make him educate himself. He was turned into a human toilet and drank pee a few times until he changed.

Mistress Mercy loves to do things for fun. She does not pee on slaves to punish them. She does it because it is fun for her and she loves doing it. And that is what she did today to this loser because she had come home from work earlier than usual and she had time on her hands with nothing better to do. So she indulged in her pee fetish.

This guy was not doing his work well and the mistress had noticed some laxity on his part and she did not want to condone it. So she used her pee fetish to turn him into a pee slave. He did not have anything to say and he had to endure what she did to him. And that is how he found himself drinking her pee and smelling her farts.

Mistress Luisa is a crazy girl but not everyone gets to see it. She was so pissed at this guy that she wanted to show him her crazy. He had to understand that she was not going to sit back and watch as he did some silly things at her expense. So she scared him by showing her crazy. She did this by peeing on the guy and making him fear her.

This mistress used her pee slave to pass a message. She wanted to show these guys that she was not one to mess with. So she had he guys watch as she peed on her slave and when she was done, she chased them away. But at the same time she was punishing the slave for wronging her. So she was able to kill two birds with a single stone.

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