Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

Mistress Valeria had a forgetful slave and she wanted to make sure that he learned to remember the things he was supposed to do. She was not going to be his reminder all the time and he had to work on his memory. So she peed on him when he forgot what she had asked him to do and that is how she managed to change the guy and make him stop being forgetful.

This mistress had a roommate who was careless and untidy and she was fed up with trying to tell him to change. He made the house look like a pigsty and she did not like it as she was an organized person. So she peed on him and she forced him to change or else she was going to throw him out. He had no choice but to change his ways.

Mistress Julia's drunk boyfriend was thirsty and he wanted water. She was pissed at him for coming home drunk and she had to make sure he did not do that again. So she peed into his mouth and told him that that was the only water he would get until he sobered up. He was humiliated even though he was drunk and when he sobered up, she humiliated him further to reinforce the point.

Princess Brooke wanted to show her boyfriend that she was not the type of girlfriend to be cheated on and keep quiet. The mistress facesat on him and she tied him up then she wore boxing gloves and she punched him repeatedly in the face. She also punched his nuts and his dick before she made him drink her urine using a funnel. He never cheated on her again after that.

Mistress Alexis wanted this guy to learn that she was not to be messed with as he had tried to do. The mistress knew that if she tried to talk to him about it, he would not do anything about it. So she used her ass smothering fetish as well as her pee fetish to dominate him. He was made to drink her urine and smell her farts. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Jardena wanted to test her slave so she used her pee to do it. She wanted to find out how obedient her slave was and she felt that the best way to find that out was to make him do something crazy and see whether he would agree to do it or not. So she asked him to drink her pee and he was shocked but he did it.

Mistress Jardena had tried to talk to her slave so that he would change and stop being lazy but she felt it did not work as he did not improve the way she had hoped he would. So the mistress chose to try something entirely different. The mistress turned him into a piss slave and she made him drink her urine. And she told him there was more humiliation if he did not stop being lazy. He stopped.

This mistress learned about pee fetish and she knew she wanted to try it. She did not hesitate to do it. She went to the bathroom and she tried it and she would drink a lot of water so that she would feel like peeing and then go to pee. When she felt confident of her skills, she looked for a loser to try what she had taught herself on him.

Mistress Jardena did not like her roommate's guts. She was pissed by how he did things that she did not like and did not even bother to change. He lived a carefree life and she had to make him change. And today as he was lying on the floor sleeping she came and she peed on him. He was shocked but she told him there was more if he did not change.

This mistress had an argument with this loser and he thought that it had ended. He was shocked when she stormed his room and she was naked. He was distracted by how hot she was and that gave her the room to do what she wanted to him which was to make him drink her urine. He was startled by it all but all he could do was to plead for mercy.

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