Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

When it comes to teaching slaves a lesson, few mistresses are as good as mistresses Elaysa, Chantal and Domi. They know how to customize their punishments to fit the crime done. Today this slave was made to eat pastries that had been spat on. When he was done eating the pastries, he was also forced to drink pee to wash the pastries down with. He had never been as humiliated as he was that day.

This mistress has a hairy pussy. This guy has a fetish for hairy pussies and he loves to fuck them. But this mistress is not your average lady. She could tell he had some sort of fetish and what he did not know is that she had her own too. She has a fetish for pee and she wanted to make sure he did hers and she did not do his. He found himself drinking her pee and licking her pussy without wanting.

Lady Lisa is a mistress who loves to try all kinds of things. She does not shy away from anything however extreme it might look like. She had pee fetish on her bucketlist. So she made this loser who she met at the club lick her boots and work his way up to her pussy. On second thought, she had him drink her pee from a glass because he had licked her dirty boots and she did not want him using the same tongue on her pussy.

This mistress wanted to cum. But she did not have anyone else around except her slave. So she pretended to be angry at him. She facesat on him and she made him drink her pee as punishment. But she took advantage of that and she rubbed her clit against his face and she had him lick her pussy till she came. She then let him go and he did not know what she had done.

Mistress Svenja and her lesbian lover mistress Rosella like to do crazy things. That is why they are still tight years down the line. Their relationship is adventurous and there is hardly a dull moment. Today they wanted to try pee fetish so they got together and started by fooling around. When they were ready, they pissed on each other and drank each other's pee. They also licked each other's pussies.

This mistress did not like how her husband was checking out other women. He seemed less interested in her nowadays and she was not happy about it. She wanted things to change and she made sure of it. She did this by facesitting on him and forcing him to lick her ass. She also pissed on him and he had no choice but to drink her pee. She told him she would do worse if he did not change.

Mistress Afina and her friend were tired of this bully. They wanted their neighborhood to be as fun and peaceful as it used to be before he came. They decided to do a favor to the other residents by taking care of the problem. They cornered the bully and they turned him into a human toilet. They forced him to drink all of their pee and they even took photos. He stopped bullying.

Mistress Rosella and her friend wanted this guy to move out of their apartment block. He was a loser and he did not get along with other people. He was a pain in the ass and was a stumbling block to everything. To get rid of him, they decided to humiliate him. They used their pee fetish to do it. They enjoyed turning him into a human toilet and he moved out.

Despite this guy being hospitalized, he was still a jerk and he had pissed off the nurses so badly that they did plotted how to punish him. The mistresses turned on the slave and they forced him to drink their pee. The mistresses did not care about him so they ensured he learned his lesson the hard way eve if he was hospitalized. He never pissed them off again since then.

Mistress Tina and her friend mistress Nikki could not believe that this slave had not done what they had agreed on. They taught him a cruel lesson by making him drink their pee. The mistresses forced him to open his mouth and he became their toilet. He had to drink all of their pee before they could think of forgiving him or else the punishment would continue and be even worse.

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