Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

Goddess Andova is the sort of person who loves tradition. And when she found out that her boyfriend had forgotten her birthday, she felt that he was breaking with tradition and she was not going to sit by and watch that happen. So she used her pee to remind him that he had no choice but to do things the way she wanted them to be done. He never forgot her birthday again.

Mistress Valeria wanted to degrade this loser for disagreeing with her. She felt that he had made her look bad and she had to make sure he never disagreed with her in public. He had to do it in private if at all he wanted to disagree with her. So she made him drink her pee and told him she would do worse if he did not change his ways.

Mistress Jardena and her friend had watched some girl on girl action and they were both turned on. They wanted to do some of the naughty things they had seen in the video. And that is how they chose to try piss fetish. It was a lot of fun for them as they made out for the first time and they peed on each other besides licking each other's pussies.

Mistress Nica wanted to show this guy that she was not the sort of person to mess with and then hope to get the chance to do it again. He had pissed her off and she had let it go. But he tried to do it again and this time she did not lt him. She chained him and she peed on him to send a cruel warning to him.

Lady Scarlet was fed up with her boyfriend coming home drunk and she had to find a way to have fun at his expense especially when he came home drunk. Today the mistress used her pee to dominate him and she forced him to drink her urine. The mistress did not care whether he remembered what she had done when he woke up the following morning and he was sober.

This Japanese mistress and her lesbian lover wanted to try some kinky stuff. They are adventurous and had tried a lot of things but they had never tried pee fetish. That is what they did today and it was a lot of fun for them. The mistresses enjoyed drinking a lot of water and then peeing on each other. They did not just pee on each other but drank the pee too.

This mistress has a thing for pee and she had fun with her pee fetish today. She loves to pee on new guys because she does not want to pee on a guy many times and have him get used to it. The mistress wants her pee fetish to have impact and that is why she is always on the lookout for new guys to humiliate and have fun with.

This mistress had gone swimming and she was having a great time. While she was swimming, she felt like peeing but she held on because she did not want to pee in the water and she did not want to get out to pee. This loser hurt himself while swimming and she helped him get out. When she got him to a safe place, she pissed on him as she could not hold on any longer.

This mistress wanted to try pee fetish. She had heard about it but she had never tried it. She did a search on the internet and she loved what she saw. She was convinced she had to do it. All she needed was a loser and luckily one brought himself as she was getting home today. She went home with him and she made him drink her urine. It was awesome. For her.

This mistress wanted to teach her boyfriend how to have fun. He loves her because she is kinky and adventurous. Today she asked him to do something he had never thought of before. She asked him to lick her ass and when he had done it, she got him to drink her urine. But it was all naughty and it turned them on with how wrong it felt. They had crazy sex afterwards.

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