Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

It did not matter that this mistress was home alone and she wanted to try pee fetish. She went to the bathroom and she had fun peeing on herself and enjoying doing all kinds of things with her urine. She had a great time and she even forgot that she needed to call her friend. The mistress drank more water so that she could have more pee to play with.

This mistress and her lesbian lover wanted to try kinky fun. They settled on pee fetish and they had fun peeing on each other. They enjoyed doing it and had a wonderful time with it. The mistresses had fun with their pee and it was so naughty doing it that they were both turned on and had amazing sex. That is how they came to have a fetish for pee.

Mistress Andreea peed on this guy to teach her never to disobey her. He had disobeyed her to test what she could do in that event and he regretted why he had done it. He had never been made to drink pee but today he was doing it because he wanted to test waters. He now knew better and he never messed with his mistress because he did not want to be degraded.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Priscilla had never tried pee fetish before. So the mistresses paid this loser and they got him to drink their pee. He was broke and he wanted the money so desperately that he was willing to do anything to make some money. He agreed to what they told her so that he could make some cash. He had to endure being pissed on by the mistresses and being forced to drink the urine.

Goddess Parvati caught her boyfriend masturbating. She had warned him never to do it again as it was affecting their sex life. He did not listen and she was pissed and had to do something about it. She did it using her pee. She facesat on him and got him to drink her urine. She peed directly into his mouth and he had no choice but to drink her urine. He never jerked off again.

Mistress Tina and mistress Amirah wanted to shame the neighborhood bully. He was peed on and the mistresses made fun of him including taking videos of him. He was told and warned never to bully anyone if he did not want to be shamed publicly. He was degraded by being asked to drink their urine and he was powerless to stop it. He had to stop bullying to avoid being shamed publicly.

This mistress is naughty. She wanted to turn on this guy in a crazy way so she did all the nasty and naughty things she knew and she liked. She got the guy horny but it was not until she peed on herself and on her boots that she turned him crazy. He wanted her and had to have her. She turned him into her piss slave and he loved it.

Mistress Coco wanted this loser to learn a lesson so she peed on her. She made him lie down and she got on top of him. She told him to do crazy things including jerking off. But she did not let him use any lube or oil. All she wanted him to use for him masturbation was her pee. And there was loads of it. She also got him to lick her pee.

This mistress wanted her money from this guy. She had had a deal with him but he was not keeping his end of the bargain. She was pissed as he kept taking her round in circles. She snapped today and she turned him into her human toilet. She pissed on him and she forced him to drink her urine. He also licked her pussy and she farted on him as she forced him to lick her asshole.

This mistress was fed up with her slave. She had told him all she wanted him to know and she had tried to teach him what she wanted him to learn but he did not seem interested to learn. She had to try a different approach and she did. She forced him to drink her pee directly from her pussy. She also farted on him as she facesat on him.

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