Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

This mistress wanted her money from this guy. She had had a deal with him but he was not keeping his end of the bargain. She was pissed as he kept taking her round in circles. She snapped today and she turned him into her human toilet. She pissed on him and she forced him to drink her urine. He also licked her pussy and she farted on him as she forced him to lick her asshole.

This mistress was fed up with her slave. She had told him all she wanted him to know and she had tried to teach him what she wanted him to learn but he did not seem interested to learn. She had to try a different approach and she did. She forced him to drink her pee directly from her pussy. She also farted on him as she facesat on him.

This mistress and her friends hunted down the guy who had conned them and they found him. No one had ever bothered to hunt him down and so he did not take great care of himself after he had conned the mistresses. When they caught him, they turned him into their human toilet and he had to drink their pee as punishment for what he had done. He even had to give them back what he had conned them.

When it comes to punishing slaves, this mistress is one of the best in the business. She makes a lot of money punishing slaves for busy mistresses. She loves to innovate and she has different categories of punishments. This loser today was pissed on and he was forced to drink the pee. That was his punishment and his mistress had paid for it after she had assessed what he had done and what his punishment ought to be.

This mistress did not like what she had seen. Her slave took shortcuts and she did not like it. She did not want someone to take shortcuts in her house. To make matters worse, he took shortcuts even when it came to cleaning things in her house. She called her friend and the two mistresses pissed on him and taught him a cruel lesson. He however had a little consolation as he was able to see their pussies and also smell them.

This mistress and her boyfriend were making out and having fun when he called her another girl's name. She was so mad that instead of the lovemaking they were engaged in, she punished and humiliated him with her pee. She made him drink her pee and she warned him that if it ever happened again, she would do something far worse than what she had done to him that day.

Mistress Gaia is a cruel and sadistic person. She loves to torture guys for fun. She does not need someone to piss her off for her to do something to him or her. She just needs to want to do it and she will do it. That is what happened today. She felt like having someone drink her pee and swallow her saliva and she made this loser who she did not even know, do it.

When it comes to punishing losers for what they have done, few mistresses are as good as this one is. She likes to make sure she has punished anyone who pisses her off and that is what she did to this loser. She had the loser drink her urine after she had facesat on him and farted on his face. She also asked her friend to do the same to him.

Goddess Vivienne was not going to let this slave get away with lying to her. She hated being lied to because she believed someone thought so lowly of her that he thought it best to lie to her. When this guy did it, he did not imagine the punishment could be so cruel and humiliating. She pissed on him and she made him lick her feet and dance in a way that demeaned him.

This mistress wanted to try something she had never done before. She had always had naughty thoughts but she had never acted on them. Today she wanted to try piss and shit fetishes. She got this loser and she tortured him after pretending that he had offended her. She took a piss on his face and she took a shit on him and she smeared his body with her shit.

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