Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

This mistress wanted to try pee fetish. She had heard about it but she had never tried it. She did a search on the internet and she loved what she saw. She was convinced she had to do it. All she needed was a loser and luckily one brought himself as she was getting home today. She went home with him and she made him drink her urine. It was awesome. For her.

This mistress wanted to teach her boyfriend how to have fun. He loves her because she is kinky and adventurous. Today she asked him to do something he had never thought of before. She asked him to lick her ass and when he had done it, she got him to drink her urine. But it was all naughty and it turned them on with how wrong it felt. They had crazy sex afterwards.

This mistress is kinky and she only messes with kinky guys. This guy had a good vibe about him and she told him as much. But she told him he would never see her pussy as he was not kinky. He rushed to defend himself and told him he was kinky. She had to find out if he was so she pissed on him and asked him to drink the urine. He had never done so before but he drank it to prove he was capable of being kinky.

This mistress has lived a sheltered life. She does not have many friends and she has to entertain herself most of the time. Today she chose to try something different. She wanted to try pee fetish. She had to enjoy the pee fetish on her own as she did not have anyone to pee on. But she created a blog and she shared it with lovers of pee fetish and she was shocked to find many people loving it.

This mistress wanted to try peeing like a man as she humiliated this loser. She got on top of a desk and she peed on him as he lay on the ground. She had fun humiliating him and having fun at his expense. He could do nothing about it and she forced him to lick the pee on the floor. The loser did it all while crying and begging for mercy.

Mistress Luna took her slave to the bathroom for punishment. She had caught him masturbating and she chose to show him her kinky side now that he was into jerking off. She told him to drink her pee and masturbate at the same time. He did it and even though he was humiliated, he chose to focus on the bright side that he had gotten near her pussy and drank her pee.

Mistress Coco likes to humiliate using pee. It gives her a rush nothing else does. She loves to pee on guys and other times she likes to make them lick her pussy as she pees on them. She degraded and dominated this loser for no reason other than she felt like doing it and he was an easy target. She did not have a slave and she had to look for someone. She used a funnel to pee into his mouth.

This Japanese mistress saw this guy being rude to his wife and his kid and that did not sit well with her. She had to do something about it and she did. She managed to get him to her house and she turned him into a human toilet. She pissed into his mouth and ordered him to drink it. She warned him against doing it again before she let him go.

Mistress Rosella and her friend Priscilla wanted to try something new with their pee fetish. Since they could not try it on themselves, the mistresses chose to try it on this loser. He was paid to be used because he was broke and he needed the money. It was also so that they would not feel guilty since he had not done anything to deserve the punishment they inflicted on him.

These lesbian mistresses wanted to humiliate these guys for wanting to have sex with them. They thought these mistresses wanted to have an orgy with them. The mistresses declined but the guys insisted. The girls had no choice but to humiliate the losers. They peed on them after luring them to their house. The guys could do nothing except to drink the urine so that they would be let go.

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