Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

Mistress Nikki and princess Rachel wanted to humiliate this loser and they ended up doing it with their pee. The guy wanted a threesome with them and they were taken aback by the nerve he had to ask for that. The mistresses agreed to dominate him and pee fetish was the best way they knew how to do it. He saw them naked but he did not enjoy the sight for long as he was made to drink urine.

Lady Shay did not like how freaky this guy was and she was not comfortable continuing to have fun with him. She wanted him to realize that he was grossing her out and so the mistress peed on him. He was shocked at why she was doing it but at first he thought that she was trying a new fetish with her but that was not the case as he came to find out.

Mistress Thyck wanted to get back at this guy because he pissed her off. She did not want it to happen again and so she used her pee to dominate him. She turned the guy into her pee slave and he was forced to drink her pee. She even told him that if he messed with her again, she would be forced to make him lick her asshole or eat her shit.

Mistress Kira wanted to dominate this loser and she did it with her pee. She wanted a simple and effective way to dominate him and she got it with her pee. The mistress took the slave to her bathroom and she had a great time peeing on him. She had him open his mouth and he had to drink all of her pee. She made him place his mouth near her pussy to avoid spillage.

These mistresses had to find a way of dominating this guy. He had a crush on them but he did not know that the mistresses were lesbians. So they were not turned on by him and instead they chose to dominate him with their pee. They showed their sexy asses and their pussies and he could not help but drool and that was when they made him drink their pee.

Lady Scarlet and her friend wanted to dominate this slave because he had started to disrespect them and they felt that he needed to be punished. The mistresses did not hesitate to do it and they made sure that he lied down and they peed into a jug before they poured it out into his mouth. They also let some of it fall on his face and they asked him to lick it.

Mistress Gaia loves pee punishments because they are not as gross as poo punishments. She also loves them because they can be naughty when needed to be and she also loves them because they get the job done. When one is peed on as punishment, he or she is usually shocked to the core especially if it was the first time for them to experience that and it makes them change.

This mistress and her boyfriend were going through a rough patch and she wanted to dominate or humiliate him as cruelly as she could and she did it with her pee as she did not find it easy to talk to him. He was shocked at what she did to him but that is what led him to realize how hurt she must have been to want to do that to him.

When these mistresses were laughing at the lame jokes and lame things that this guy did, he thought he was charming them. But it turned out they were bored to death and they were sick of him. They wanted him to learn when to stop doing his nonsensical things and that is why they turned him into a human toilet and they took a piss on him. He had to drink it all.

Princess Nikki was shocked to learn that her accountant had been cooking figures yet she had not asked him to do any of that. So she used her piss fetish to dominate and humiliate him. He was shocked at the turn of events because they had benefitted the mistress. She did not care about that and told him she did not want a repeat. She peed on him to express her outrage.

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