Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

Mistress Luciana wanted to pee like a man. She wanted to do it while humiliating her slave. She hot something to help her make a fountain out of her pee. She also clamped her slave's nipples and she humiliated him with her pee and tortured him with the nipple clamps at the same time. The slave could not even scream as he was being forced to drink the mistress' pee.

Mistress Rosella wanted to show her friend how to enjoy pee fetish. She brought a slave and she showed her friend how it was done. She then let her friend have a go. It was weird for her before she started but once she did it, she had a lot of fun and she enjoyed it a lot and from that day forward, she had a pee fetish and loved peeing on losers and slaves.

This mistress knows her boyfriend loves the crazy things she does. Today she wanted to take it a notch higher. So as she facesat on him, she planned to pee on him. She was not sure how he would take it but she did it anyway. She pissed on him and he did not mind it. In fact it turned him on. Her friend walked in and she also did it and the three of them had a great threesome.

Mistress Tina is cruel when she is pissed. This loser pissed her but he did not imagine that the punishment could be so cruel. She called her friend and the two mistresses took turns peeing on him. They did so for hours and would stop to drink water in order to make more pee. He was so full but it was all pee in his stomach as he had drank enough for a lifetime.

Princess Nikki likes to try many things and today she wanted to try piss fetish. She enjoyed doing it and even invited her friend mistress Afina. The two mistresses had fun making this loser drink their pee. They told him if he did not cooperate with them, they would do worse things to him. The guy was afraid of what they would do to him and he cooperated with them.

Mistress Rosella is not your average mistress. If you want to know, just piss her off. This guy did and he lived to tell the tale. She punished him by turning him into her human toilet. She pissed on him and she made sure he drank all of her pee and even licked her pussy. She used him as her human toilet paper before she let him go. He learned his lesson.

This mistress knew that her friends were crazy. She wanted to introduce them into pee fetish so she invited them to this party and when they arrived, they met her with a tied slave. She showed them practically by peeing on him and she asked them to also do the same. The daring ones did it and soon enough everyone else was doing it. It was awesome and they had a lot fun.

Whenever mistress Isabella is pissed, she finds herself humiliating a loser. She does this by coming up with a crazy thing to do to someone. Today she wanted to make this loser to learn his lesson so she used her pee fetish to humiliate him. She turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to drink all of her pee. When he was done, she laughed at him and sent him away.

Princess Nikki and her friends Mini, Nomi, Christina and Devil Girl love to get together sometime and have fun humiliating losers. They like to hire guys and make them do all the stuff they feel like doing to a man. Sometimes they fuck them, sometimes they humiliate them and today they wanted to pee to them. The mistresses made sure they had their pussies licked before they pissed on their slaves.

Mistress Barbara and her friend Rosella were so mad at this loser that they could not think straight. The mistresses took the slave to their torture chambers and they taught him a cruel lesson. The mistresses forced him to lie down and drink their pee. That was to be his punishment and there was no escaping it. He had to endure all of what came to him and he did.

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