Piss Slave

Forced to drink Piss

This mistress wanted to pee on her slave. She was pissed about what he had done and as punishment for it, she had him drink her pee. She was turned on as he drank her pee that she agreed to suck his dick which she did nicely. She also made him finger her wet pussy till she came as she knew she could not fuck him under any circumstances as he was a loser.

Mistress Sarah wanted to show Rosella who she was messing with. She pushed her down and she stripped her naked. Then she got on top of her and she pissed on him. She forced her to drink her pee and she also pissed all over her body and she asked her to smear it all over her head. Mistress Rosella had no choice but to do as she was told.

Lady Larissa could not believe that her slave had forgotten everything she had told him. She was pissed at her forgetful slave and she wanted to give him an incentive to remember things. He had to do something about his forgetfulness and she used her pee to do it. She turned the slave into her human toilet and had him drink her piss. He was degraded and humiliated but it helped her try as much as he could to remember things in order to avoid being humiliated.

Mistress Gaia had told this bitch to do certain things but she refused. Pissed, mistress Gaia made sure that she taught her a lesson she would never forget as long as she lived. She pissed into a bowl and she had her lick it like a dog. She also had her tied with her hands behind her back to both inflict pain and to render her helpless. She also dipped her toes in the pee and had the bitch such her toes.

Mistress Luna likes to piss on people she wants to punish or torture. So when her friend called her to her house and asked mistress Luna to help her punish her slave, she knew what she would use to punish her friend's slave. She pissed on her friend's slave and she had him drink it. She also had her friend do the same to her slave and the slave was degraded like never below.

When this mistress realized that her slave had come home late yet again, she knew the time for talk was over and now was the time for action. So she punished him using her pee fetish. She turned him into her human toilet and she pissed on him for fun. She also did it as punishment. She had him drink her urine as well as smell her farts. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Rosella and her friend found themselves as the only girls in a party of only men. They decided to make it lively so they did it. They made out and undressed. They had girl on girl fun while the guys watched with hard ons. The mistresses involved the guys by making them drink their pee and also to lick their pussies. It was a party to remember because of the naughty mistresses.

Lady Larissa was about to pay this loser for his services when she realized that he had not done things the way they had agreed. She went to inspect further and she was surprised to learn that the mischief was wide spread. So she punished him for it. She forced him to drink her pee and then do the work for half of the agreed amount as punishment for what he had done.

Princess Nikki and her friends are naughty and they like to do their crazy stuff during girls only parties. Today they wanted to try pee fetish. They paid a few losers to drink their pee although they did not let them know that that was what they wanted to do to them. They surprised them when they met. The mistresses took turns to make them lick their pussies and drink their pee.

Mistress Dirty Tina has a pee fetish. She likes to have her pee drank instead of wasting it in the toilet. Whenever she is happy or pissed, she likes to make someone drink her pee. Today she was pissed and she had this loser who pissed her drink her pee as punishment. He tried to plead his way out of it but she could hear none of it and he had to do it.

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